PART 1 - 3 Success Indicators You Need To Know To Be Super Successful
  PART 2 - Secret 7 Steps Formula For Online Asexual Meetup Success
  PART 3 - How To Promote Your Online Asexual Meetup To Ensure People Show Up Including Success Scripts
  PART 4 - Creating A Skype Group For Your Online Meetup For Zero Cost And Maximum Impact
  PART 5 - Success For Life - Secret 7 Steps Of Success Blueprint
Now download your Meetup Description Recommendation editable Word document from the 'References' tab. This has things you should be including in your meetup description, which I left out the first time I held my online meetup, and is to be added to the script I used to promote the online meetup on ACEapp, Asexualitic and in Facebook Groups, which you will see in the next videos coming up in PART 3.

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