Part One - Defining Asexuality
  Part Two - Defining The Asexual Spectrum
  Part Three - Aromantic Spectrum
  Part Four - Defining Biromantic and Panromantic
  Part Five - Defining Homoromantic and Heteroromantic
  Part Six - Lets Talk Grey A
  Part Seven - Myths and Stereotypes
  Part Eight - Indulging your ace
  Part Nine - Further Resources
Thank you for completing this Asexuality Basics For Beginners, Introduction To Asexuality Course. As promised, here is a downloadable PDF of further resources for help and support. This course comes with a certificate of completion, so don't forget to download yours! Just click "Dashboard" in the top left corner of your screen to go back to your profile screen and you can download your certificate from where you accessed the course! If you enjoyed this course, please leave a review on the Welcome and/or About page so that others may benefit from it, and spread the word to all your asexual friends! Be sure to sign up to the Asexualise Academy Tribe, to be notified of new courses and of any special offers or early bird discounts on future courses. And as always, stay ace!

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