Part One - Defining Asexuality
  Part Two - Defining The Asexual Spectrum
  Part Three - Aromantic Spectrum
  Part Four - Defining Biromantic and Panromantic
  Part Five - Defining Homoromantic and Heteroromantic
  Part Six - Lets Talk Grey A
  Part Seven - Myths and Stereotypes
  Part Eight - Indulging your ace
  Part Nine - Further Resources
In this video I define what the Aromantic spectrum sub categories are. The next 2 videos after this will be from my Asexualise My Asexual Life Youtube channel, defining the differences between Grey Romantic and Demiromanitic and explaining what a Cupioromantic is, to increase your understanding. A copy of the image on screen, is in your PDF download at the end of this course and all of it is visible!

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