Welcome to the Asexualise Academy About Page, it's ace to have you here!

I am Sandra Bellamy, also known as Asexualise and the Asexual Entrepreneur, but you can call me the Acepreneur for short if you like! Asexuality Coach/Mentor, Asexuality Trainer and Educator, Asexual Merch designer and seller, Asexual Blogger and YouTube Vlogger! Founder of Asexualise.com and this Asexualise Academy, which is THE First Ever Online Training Centre And School For Asexuals And Asexuality! I am super excited to have you here! It's acesome xx

I am guessing you landed on this site because you are looking to learn more about asexuality and what it's like to be asexual, and you have like 101 questions you need answering and thought this may be the place to be, and through your exploration so far, you have discovered it says asexual courses and is a training site, so maybe it can help you out? And you would be right. Absolutely it can.

I know how confusing it can be when you are new to asexuality, and with sub identity terms coming out all of the time and discovering more about your own asexual identity as you move forward with your asexual life, it can take some understanding! And you can be forever learning more as you go along! But where to start? Who to trust? How do you know what you need to know about and learn about, when you are new to the concept in the first place? And how to keep on learning and growing at your own pace in the comfort of your own home so you have more chance of finding your sense of place in this highly sexualised world and know how to tackle those pesky non-believers and obstacle creators? Do you keep trying to fathom your way through by yourself, which can take an age to learn, or do you wish there was just one place you could go to, to learn and discover more and more about asexuality and grow, develop, and become, the best asexual version of you that there can be?

Well that is why I created this site. I thought, I wish there was an official online training centre and school for asexuals and asexuality, I mean, every other topic and subject seems to have one, so why not us? Why don't we have a specific place where people could go to, to buy courses to learn about specific aspects of asexuality and of being asexual. Courses for absolute beginners, for those part way through their asexual journey, and for those who want to learn advanced stuff too and take their asexuality to another level? Of course we have communities and sites, but I mean like a proper school and training centre, and we would feel like it was growing with us? A portal that would help develop and grow yourself in your Asexual journey. One which you didn't have to trawl through hundreds of forums to find answers to your questions, been there, done that! It can take hours and hours, and before you know it, life has past you by, and if you lead a busy life, that is hours you simply don't have to give!

This site was designed specifically with you in mind and is the very first of its kind in the world, just like you probably thought you are the first of your kind (asexual - someone who lacks sexual attraction), and no one else in the world is like you, as everyone else seems preoccupied and obsessed with sex, and you can't see what all the fuss is about! It can feel like you are an outsider; an alien looking at the world from an angle that no one else can see and it's hard to believe you are the only one, but that is exactly what you believed, most probably for years of your life. I know, because that is what happened to me too. And I can assure you, that prior to my discovery of being asexual, I had pretty much given up on dating and ever having the potential of being in a relationship ever again! In fact I promised myself, that was it! No longer would I compromise myself and endure that self-abuse, I just couldn't date or be in a relationship with a sexual ever again and that was the only thing I knew about! The anxiety of the expectation of "THAT" being wanted at the end of a date or as part of a relationship, was far to much for me to cope with anymore and I would almost wet myself, just from the sheer terror of those worrisome thoughts!

So in 2014, I went to see a counsellor thinking they could help me! I told her I wanted a relationship, as I love romance and kissing, but I don't want sex, and yes, she said I would have to have sex in order to keep a good guy! I was appalled. Here I was, trying to get some help and find a way I could either be happy on my own or find someone like me and was told that! That was exactly what I didn't want to hear, so when I went home and Googled I love kissing but not sex! I arrived at Asexuality and what a welcome relief that was and I have never looked back.

I have been educating people about asexuality and empowering the lives of Asexuals since 2015, through my Asexualise My Asexual Life channel! This is my coming out story.

I identify as a Heteroromantic, Hyper-romantic, Grey A, Asexual (Younger) Cougar, who does not like sex, just kissing. I do not experience sexual attraction at all, but love to kiss - my Grey Area! I am not a text book Grey A, that is why I state "Asexual" in my chosen label for myself, in fact many would say I don't fit that definition at all - because I am fully asexual. I redefine Grey A in my Asexual Perspectives 47 Asexuals Stories book to mean grey areas of behaviour, rather than attraction, if you haven't read that yet, you really should do, as it will answer most questions you could think of about asexuality and what asexuals really think of love, life and sex, told from the perspectives of 47 different Asexuals, in their own words. So yeah, I am an Asexual Author too, with my own publishing imprint of Quirky Books, so you can get the book on Amazon here https://amzn.to/2MPt62R or order it from any good book store. 

I hold asexual in person meetups, in my city, in the UK, and people come from miles away to attend them. One guy spent 11 hours on a coach, just one way - I felt so humbled by that!

I have been featured in the Daily Mirror, Daily Mail, BBC Radio, the Straight Up Gay Podcast on Itunes and more!

And more recently a Speaker and Panelist at the UK Asexuality Conference!


What's your ace journey been like so far? And what would you like to learn today? Browse through the course library and get started!

And I look forward to helping you to learn, develop and grow, into the best asexual version of you that there can possibly be. And don't forgot to spread the word to all of your asexual friends and those wanting to know more, that Asexualise Academy is THE place to be, for education about asexuality!

I look forward to seeing you on a course and helping you to live a sex-free life you love!

Until next time, always stay ace!

Sandra xx